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SPECS has the experience and capacity to assist in; planning school campuses, development of curricula, staff recruitment, and formation of most effective teaching-learning environment.

About Us

SPECS, through its international experienced consultants is one of the most respected and reliable organizations in managing  private school inauguration projects through customizing the most appropriate solutions that best meet patrons vision and requirements. 

Services for K-12

  • Our organization will prepare and carry out the feasibility study for school projects.
  • We offer a real opportunity for investment in schools.
  • We offer opportunities for a successful partnerships between investors to establish schools.
  • Coordinating the required engineering and architectural drawings according to the specifications of local Educational Building Authority.
  • Documentation of the architecture drawings with the Educational Building Authority.
  • Extracting official papers from administrative authorities.
  • Preparing the feasibility study for the approval of school fees.
  • Finalizing the licensing procedures necessary for the international accreditation with the relevant international authorities.
  • Managing and administering the signing of the protocols and carry out all procedures for accrediting the school such as; Cognia, IB, Cambridge, London or/and Oxford
  • Providing and administering international cooperation services such as affiliation, partnership, and twining with similar international organizations
  • Assisting in designing the  vision, mission and general policies.
  • Developing the policies and procedures documents governing all internal relationships within the school.
  • Preparing the school manual including all relevant information for students and parents.
  • Designing the hierarchy  structure of the school.
  • Preparing all job descriptions and evaluation criteria for the all staff members.
  • Developing the quality assurance scheme and procedures.

Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Implement the LMS that works on developing students’ academic skills as well as achieving the most effective interaction between the school, students, and parents.
  • The LMS ensures the digital transformation of the school into paperless organization.
  • The LMS provides teachers with a large “Question Bank” that would assess them with continuously testing their students academic level and achievement.  


School Management System (SMS) allows schools to digitally monitor the daily   activities along with managing all the resources and information on a single   platform. It may include:

  • A financial module.
  • A human resources module.
  • An accounting and stores module.
  • A school bus fleet module.
  • Design curricula matching international standards.
  • Preparation and supervising all subjects’ academic plans.
  • Preparation and supervising supporting teaching material when needed.
  • Preparing operating budget of the school and determining the required human and administration resources.
  • Supervising technical and administrative recruitment and membership of the interviewing committees.
  • Planning for all workshops to all academic departments.
  • Supervising meetings of all academic and administrative departments.
  • Supervising the admission of fresher students and prepare application documentations for them.
  • Prepare the admission tests for the fresher students.
  • Setting up school annual agenda.

Effective school management requires the commitment for continuous school improvement typically in the form of accreditation.

  • Review school performance according to the quality standards and indicators and consequently identify and design accordingly relevant improvement plans.
  • Review the application of the concepts of quality assurance for effectiveness.
  • Continuous evaluation of  the efficacy of curricula.
  • Supervising all departments plans and following their implementation.
  • Assess students periodically, analyze records to measure students achievement and introduce the improvement plan.
  • Conducting continuous  evaluation of teachers, supervisors and deputies.
  • Determining training needs and designing the required training programs required for development.
  • Planning for school branding.
  • Designing all printable identity elements.
  • Designing the online identity elements (website, online platforms,..,etc.).
  • Designing and implementing digital marketing campaign on social media.
  • Preparing reports regarding technology requirements.
  • Planning and supervising requirements for the school’s electronic infrastructure.
  • Preparing the school’s furniture budget and provide quotations from relevant suppliers.
  • Assisting in the design of the school uniform and provide quotations from relevant suppliers.

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